Thursday, May 14, 2009

A very strange dream

感情: a big lol
音楽: "緋色の空" - Mami Kawada

Wow it's been a long time since I posted here, no? Well that because I got busy with my life -- thesis, that is. Tomorrow will be the submission and this coming Monday would be one of the biggest day -- thesis defense. xD

Oh well, I'm not going to talk about that but rather just going to keep this short because as you know, my time's kinda running out but definitely, I'm going to post this one!!!

I had this strange dream, because I had a deep sleep I have been sleeping for 12 hours because I wasn't able to sleep last last night. (Literally NO SLEEP because of my thesis) After some series of blackness comes an opening theme for Shakugan no Shana!! And it was written Shakugan no Shana III!!! O.o'

And guess what? Mami Kawada still does the opening theme!! As far as I can remember, the title of the song on my dream was "Honou no Tobira" (炎の扉) and guess what? TomoyukixTakeshi again!!! XDXD So much for a dream but it doesn't really sound I've at all. It was a medium rock (somewhere between Hishoku no Sora and JOINT) with some traditional Japanese instruments (that's why I thought it was non-I've). And I was kinda shocked because in my dream, I already memorized the lyrics! But after I woke up, it's like getting an amnesia! XD OH WELL THIS IS JUST MY IMAGINATION! AFTER ALL!!! XDXD NYAAHAHAHA~! *MAJORLY BRICKED*

How I wish this was kinda true. 8D


  1. *kicks fred*

    i almost fell into the trap !!!
    i thought it was real, fred !!

    *kicks fred again*

    xD xD

    how i wish it was true xD

  2. Haha that's not my fault. :P Haha just kidding. :D

    *evades the second kick*

    But you know I still kinda remember the tune of the song and it's not even a reminiscent of any I've songs. But I hope someone (aside from Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Takeshi Ozaki) could pull out or device a sound something like that -- something different, of unique taste and quality. XD

  3. *lol* Maiko may be able to pull that fred xD xD

    remember how experimental she is ?? xD xD

    just hope the theme song for Nekomimi is not an epic fail ~_~;;

  4. Well yeah when it comes to experimenting things, Maiko Iuchi does this but sometimes, not doing it right. And yet she never fails to amaze me sometimes because she never gets OP'd because all I've Sound creators are male while she's the only female composer/arranger among them. xD

  5. yeahh she's like rare talent in I've Sound creator =3

    and yeah, Maiko rarely disappoints me x3