Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bizarrerie Cage long version

感情: a bit nervous
音楽: "Chikai" - Eiko Shimamiya

Although the long version is too short, it still paid off the wait!! It's much better than the short version especially the instrumental part in 2:43. :D The electric guitar mania is so so love! XD XD I love how Maiko did the electric guitar job if only the song was much longer, this song would be the ultimate love!! *,*
Ohh more I've info, it looks like snIpe would also be released as a standalone single which will be released on 06/24 together with her ao-iconoclast/PIGEON-the green-ey'd monster single. Wow this is the first time an I've singer will release two singles in one date but sadly, the latter single is not I've-produced. xD


  1. haha, i read about blazblu in a game magz... although it didn't mention anything about the theme song of course :P

    and.. Bizarrerie Cage... HOAHH~~~ time to go METAL.. xD xD *gets trash-throwned due to loud music at midnight*

    NICE MAIKO !!! lets go head-banging !!! xD xD xD


    well, you're right, fred. it should be abit longer... and it would be EPIC !!! xD xD

  2. Well accdg to wiki, the game was already released last year so I don't know if it had a theme song or not. Or maybe they only just thought of doing that this year so it's kinda late. XD

    Yeah, it's so metallic and noisy but it's very VERY great!! lovin' it! XD

  3. it's the arcade version that's released last year, fred.
    arcade version wouldn't have a theme song xD xD

    the console version will be released on 25 June 2009... which is one day after iconoclast released.

    haha, MELL could go metal anytime by now xD xD
    Maiko has expand her wide range of music xD xD

    what if Mami or KOTOKO was the one who sung Bizarrerie Cage ?? saa..~~ :P

  4. I think they wouldn't be suited for that song. It's like a MELL-exclusive song. xD Well that's because of the fact that I really can't imagine KOTOKO nor Mami doing the job. ><;

    I hope Maiko does the Mechamimi great. Another seduce or masterpiece or Vacillate won't hurt. xD Or another refreshing song like melty snow. =3

  5. Yeah,i do think like that, too. Bizarrerie Cage is a ME-ta-LL exclusive song xD

    about nekomimi, we should at least know the plot/story, then we can guess what type of song it would be. Well, as long as it's not denpa then it's fine :p