Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jigoku no Mon single covers and c/w song

感情: totally excited!
音楽: "Baragoku no Otome" - ALI PROJECT

These are the covers for the Jigoku no Mon single (limited and regular editions respectively). :D I fall in love with them at first sight!! Especially the limited edition (first pic). It's so traditionally Chinese plus it's so reddish and as usual, very unique! At least they're out from the cutesy pink cover like their previous Rara Eve Shinseiki. I admit I was kinda shocked when I saw that cover at first. It's so not ALI PROJECT unlike this one. And notice that the single title in the covers were written in Chinese.

FYI, Jigoku no Mon is the ending theme for the recently-aired anime Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~. This single will be released on May 27, 2009.

01. 地獄の門 (Jigoku no Mon)
吾君想う故に吾在り生き霊となりて (Ware Kimi Omou Yue ni Ari Ikirei Tonarite [?]*)
03. 地獄の門 -instrumental-
04. 吾君想う故に吾在り生き霊となりて -instrumental-

* Not certain of the right title

And here's a 15-sec preview of the PV which was taken in the Forbidden City in China.


  1. *lol* i freaked out when i saw the cover, fred. i'm shocked. xD xD

  2. Why? Is it scary? Ö

    Arika Takarano really does it knowing she's already 45. XD *hands down* She's still very sexy and beautiful. <3~

    And from the covers, it's not so Phantom-ish~. xD

  3. yes. her face really scares me o_0;;

    yeaaahh it's so far from phantom. x3

    and well, i probably decide to drop phantom from my watchlist since i don't really have time to watch anime lately =.=

  4. Oh I see. Busy with work, I presume?

    Well some actually says it's scary but I don't know, I find it really awesome and great. XD But I still find Asura Hime's cover the best. xD

  5. haha, not really. i can relax with my work, but not with my soon-to-come final project cuz i have to prepare my topic from now =.=