Friday, April 24, 2009

L'Oiseau bleu single confirmed!

感情: O.o'
音楽: N/A

I'll just share the info because I'm a bit surprised to know that Mami Kawada's song for I've Sound's 10th Anniversary CD Box L'Oiseau bleu will be released as a single!!! O.o'

The single will be released on June 24, 2009 with a CD+DVD edition (GNCV-0017). And there's still no coupling song yet.

No single cover as well. xO My impression? Maybe it'll chart lower than expected since we all know it's one of the most forgettable songs in the CD Box. Ö But hopefully whoever or whatever the coupling song is, I hope it'll save this single. x__X Or maybe if C.G mix could "re-arrange" this song, the better!

But if you let me choose what I will buy (if ever I have the money) if Eiko's Super scription of data or Mami's L'Oiseau bleu, the answer is surprisingly, the latter! Didn't really like the Higurashi Rei OP. :O


  1. *lol* i would have bought it, too, if i had the money xD xD

    does this mean that the other singles would also have the standalone version ?? saa... if so, i bet KOTOKO's would sale the best. no question. but the worst is rather hard to guess. whether Kaorin's, Eiko's or Mami's. considering the popularity, it would be Kaorin's, but considering the quality, Mami's.

    nyahahaha i want the coupling song (if there is one) to be at least another HISUI if it's compose/arrange by C.G mix again... really hopeless when it comes to C.G mix and Mami combi =.=

  2. Well there's still no news if the other singles will be released as a standout/maxi single but if that's to happen, it would be either MELL or KOTOKO who will get the most sales, I presume. Then either Mami, Eiko or Kaorin will be getting the lowest sales.

    Or could be another JOINT by TOMOYUKIxTAKESHI so that others would be enticed to buy and save the single from flopping. >,>

  3. or IUNAKAZAKI ??

    xD xD

    oh i'm bringing that again xD xD

    *gets bricked*

  4. That would be possible! XD If they would think about it seriously right? XD Nothing's impossible if they think they could do just right. If TomoyukixMaiko is possible, then IUNAKAZAKI should be possible rather than C.G NAKAZAKI plus it sounds rather bland. :P

  5. well, it's easier to mix Maiko and NakaZaki rather than C.Gmix and NakaZaki. :P

    CG NakaZaki or MixNakaZaki just doesn't sound good compared to IuNakaZaki or NakaZakiChi *lol*

  6. Or maybe "NakaZaki Mix"! XD That sounded right or maybe it's just the order of the combined names but if it's to come true, maybe it'll be one of I've's worst period. xP

    If only we could suggest that IUNAKAZAKI to be possible to I've Sound. xD

  7. but "NakaZaki Mix" just sounded as if the remix of NakaZaki. xD xD. and to combine the music of NakaZaki and C.Gmix is rather difficult, since they're fairly different, rather than combining Maiko and NakaZaki. =3

    plus Maiko & Nakazawa had actually worked together, so adding Ozaki will complete the trio. xD xD. or maybe making Maiko's arrangement even more noisier. xD xD *gets stomped*