Monday, June 15, 2009

Remembering good ol' Ali Project days

感情: nostalgic
音楽: "Seishoujo Ryouiki" - ALI PROJECT

Listening to my old ALI PROJECT mp3s brings back old memories especially when they were still in the Shiro Ari (White Alice) phase. Those poppish songs like Wish, Peony Pink and Labyrinth were reminiscent of their old works which doesn't really reminiscent them NOW. Especially now that they have changed into the Kuro Ari (Black Alice) phase.

But believe it or not, I like them as they are now. Although their songs tend to have "no point" or "nodirection" at all but Arika's supreme voice is what atrracted me to the group. And my two fave ALI PROJECT songs like Kinjirareta Asobi and Seishoujo Ryouiki are really my dosage of great neo-classical songs of everyday. Especially the latter, it never fails to make me smile because it is considered as one of the "merriest" songs that the group performed -- at least for me. Well I mean, some of their songs are also happy but with the despair and dark feeling within them but Seishoujo Ryouiki is not among these songs (although the translations of the songs are also a factor) but when it comes to the sound or tune, you won't really feel the "darkness" it possesses.

And it was actually one of my first influences to ALI PROJECT's neoclassical/darkwave songs because my initial attachment to them was Peony Pink because I was watching Clamp School Detectives several years ago. I mean, I'm still not that attached at time but I can remember the names of the singers/groups in a certain extent so when Avenger came out of Animax and noticed the same name, I was like "WAHH!" because it was so far from the ALI PROJECT that I knew from Clamp School. And that time, I didn't know the shift from Shiro to Kuro Ari. xD But it was really all good for me. Gesshoku Grand Guignol (Lunar Eclipse Grand Guignol) was my first ALI PROJECT neoclassical song that I've heard then got curious with Kopperia no Hitsugi (Coppelia's Coffin) which is the opening theme for the anime Noir. It was, at some point, creepy and spine tingling but it still very powerful to me even at this moment.

And now I present to you, a live version of Seishoujo Ryouiki (Domain of the Holy Girl) together with famous anime seiyuu/singer Nana Mizuki. :D Seishoujo Ryouiki is the opening theme for the anime series Rozen Maiden Traumend which is the sequel to Rozen Maiden in which ALI PROJECT also did the opening theme (entitled Kinjirareta Asobi [Forbidden Game]). I tell you, one of the most amusing combi is Arika Takarano and Nana Mizuki. Actually one of my most fave videos of all time because as I said, this is one of ALI PROJECT's merriest songs and one of the songs that you should listen especially if you want to try out the group. :D

I'm telling this because I remember reading one of my friends' statement that she heard ALI PROJECT by Code Geass because they did the ending theme but when she heard the long version, it was "too much" for her and I didn't really get the point of that "too much" --- too much what? o,O Oh well. I'll just indulge more into them since they're one awesome group. *lurves gothic lolita fashion*

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