Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There stood the worst 1st-wk sales ever!

感情: sheer disappointment
音楽: "Tooi Natsuzora" - eufonius

Will you just look at that?! alan's single @ #3 this week in the Oricon weekly? I don't know anything 'bout her (since she's not on my watchlist) but according to jpopmusic forums, she's not that famous and yet she gained #1 @ the Oricon daily I don't know when but I just know this week only that's why she was pulled @ #3 at the weekly. But look at it's miserable sales!! O_o that's the first time I saw a #3 single w/ onlya pprox of 12,000+ sales! O.o The gap of the #2 and #3 singles are almost half.

I also feel sorry for BONNIE PINK and Eiko Shimamiya as well!!! Such measly sales. Nah, I don't want to say anymore just wanted to rant and share my emotion.


  1. hoaaa that's very low sales -_-;;

    i wonder whether it's caused by the global recession or because we can easily download it ?? -_-;;

  2. Uhmm either can be the reason but as I can see it, alan's not that famous as she is now. I think somehow the I've girls are even more famous than her but I don't know. I think her latest single Kuon no Kawa was used as theme song for some movie -- well I'm not aware of that movie is famous or not.

    And of course to think that she's not that famous and she got a rather high position this time, makes it a rather impossible situation to attain a higher sales -- well that's just how I see it. And according to my sources, it's only @ #10 in the last few days when it suddenly jumps to #1! o.O' So it landed to #3 last night. But what measly sales!

    And from what I read, it's the first time that a Chinese-singing-Jpop singer attained this high position. FYI, alan is a Chinese national. XD

    Well I haven't heard Kuon no Kawa but from what I heard, it's either good or great and her fans are of course, happy about that.