Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another eroge theme song for Mami Kawada!

感情: full~~ just ate lunch
音楽: "regret" - Mai Hoshimura

Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi
Theme song for: Candysoft's eroge Mechamimi [OP]

So what can I say? I'm excited as usual. :3 But I hope it's not too cutesy an eroge theme song because as I see it, it will be -- knowing it'll be Maiko Iuchi to compose/arrange. Yes, I think she's the one who composed/arranged for all eroge theme songs for last year (with exemption of KOTOKO's bumpy-Jumpy!) and for this year. I hope it's not too hyperactive like Stars Biscuit, Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku etc. Another masterpiece won't hurt but at least a new material would be amazing.

And come to think of it, Mami Kawada's last eroge tie-in was last 2007 with Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori. So it's been a long time, nee? And to think of, Iuchi also composed/arranged return to that place while Takase did For our days.

And some other news, Mami's fan club m.a.l.l will have a fan club event this year which will be held on Tokyo and Osaka!!! *spazz* Oh how I wish I could go there, but looking at my purse, it'll really be impossible plus the fact that I'm not a member of her fan club. =_='


  1. another seduce is fine, too. i LOVE how noisy it is. xD xD *gets bricked*

    well, it's still unclear whether it would be upbeat or ballad. but Mami-Maiko combi rarely failed, with an exception for DREAM. xD xD so i'm really exciting about this x3 x3

  2. but, hey ?!?! i just visit the game's web and...
    why is it so colorful ?!?!?!
    i actually don't wanna hear Mami sing denpa -_-;; and i won't forgive Maiko if she do denpa for Mami... *preparing voodoo dolls for Maiko*

  3. I totally agree! Even though that is the case, Mami-Maiko combi rarely fails. Or maybe Maiko could compose another version of snIpe. =3

    Me too! I don't want another tiny days or something too cutesy for her. It doesn't suit Mami! =.='

  4. anyway, it's still a long time until the release date, which is on july... so...

    gotta wait for the demo movie, nyahahahah xD