Sunday, April 12, 2009

more Chikai single information

感情: hungry~~
音楽: "Chikai" - Eiko Shimamiya

Kyaah~ it's about time I had the Chikai single. I've been waiting for this the last few days.

If you want to download the single and read my short sentiments about it, go here at our LJ community.

About the Oricon daily, don't ask. It's flopping a bit probably because of lack of promotions of the single. Haven't seen a 15sec. CM uploaded somewhere plus the people at IMS only uploaded it today (or last night?). Here is the current position of the single...

19 -- Wednesday
↓29 -- Thursday
↓39 -- Friday
↑35 -- Saturday

OoOh it's really flopping. I'm having a hunch it'll only position itself lower than #30 this coming Wednesday. ~~


  1. i've listened to chikai x3

    a bit weak huh ??

    it needs more guitar distortion and it will be better x3 it's not noisy enough for me xD xD *Maiko Iuchi Loving Syndrome xD xD*

  2. Well for me, it doesn't need more noise but that could be an added factor. ;) But I would really appreciate the effort if I could feel the Higurashi spirit within but sadly, its faint. o_O More of like an upbeat song and that's it. >_< I still like the song though but right now, I'm kinda denial that it's from Higurashi. Hahaha! xP

    Or it would be better IUNAKAZAKI. XDDD *MAJORLY BRICKED*

  3. And I just noticed that this post doesn't have a title. o_O OMG! *runs off to add the title*

  4. well, even super scription of data only had faint spirit of Higurashi. but considering the 1st episode of the anime is like that, so... it doesn't really matter ^^;


    *lol* IUNAKAZAKI xD xD

    that will be UBERly interesting xD

  5. Well Super scription of data is not that good especially in the chorus part... The only good part was the intro... >< At least, even if Chikai sounds different, it still maintained its balance from good-hearing to "ok"-hearing. XD

    IUNAKAZAKI should be done in the future! *holds IUNAKAZAKI banner* :D :D maybe for Mami again. XD

  6. *lol* if IUNAKAZAKI becomes true... WHOAAAA xD xD *imagining what it would be* would it be rock-sih or trance/techno-ish ?? INTERESTING xD xD xD *collapsed for getting over-excited over something imaginary* xD xD

    at least, Iuchi-san and Nakazawa-san cooperated in Index's OST :D only a few for Nakazawa-san though :P :P

  7. Well they have worked together but only twice (Nakazawa & Iuchi, I mean). undelete and Chasse may sound bland or boring to others but I LOVE THEM!!! <3 <3 So I think it's not really impossible to have IUNAKAZAKI but they themselves should think about that. :D

    Me too, if ever wish granted, I'M TOTALLY EXCITED!!! XDD; *bricked by people to wake up from this dream*

  8. well i don't think they would make another Chasse for Mami, though. :P at least they always make something rather noisy for Mami xD xD
    although i love Chasse since it fits Kaorin too much x3

    nee~~ we're both getting over-excited xD xD

  9. yeah, we're getting over-excited over things that are not feasible as of now! XD *bricked once again*

    Well in case of Mami, maybe a much trancier version of seduce won't hurt. x3 No Chasse allowed for Mami! XDD;

  10. another Chasse for Mami will make IUNAKAZAKI bricked 1 million times xD xD