Friday, April 10, 2009

Kalafina fanlisting NOW OPEN!

感情: happy! Although my music is really not. But who cares?! XD
音楽: "Lacrimosa" - Kalafina

YAY~~ My Kalafina fanlisting has already opened yesterday!! ^_^ Yes, it's TFL-approved but I just submitted the final form so maybe the link (from TFL in their approved lists) will be activated in the next 2-3 weeks. But it's already operation for fans! =D

And I'll be working on the Jyukai fanlisting later so that I'll be able to finish it before Tuesday. XD

Oh btw, here's the link for my newly-opened fanlisting:

Join if you're a fan! XD Sorry if the layout is very simple but at least it's functioning well. xP

And I just pasted an embeddable player in the navi because I want the world to hear the epic Lacrimosa. XD Nyahaha! But if you're not interested, you can just click the pause button because it's in auto-start mode. xP


  1. which song should i listen to for the 1st time ??

    wanna try Kalafina =3

  2. Well you can try oblivious and sprinter. :D If these 2 convinced you to like them, you can go try Lacrimosa and fairytale singles because these last 2 mentioned are the bit mediocre ones.

    Some says that you should listen to Lacrimosa first before trying the Seventh Heaven album because the latter was the very much win of all. I mean Lacrimosa is definitely good but when compared to the quality of the songs in the Seventh Heaven album, the song itself is weaker that you might get disappointed. x__X But it really didn't happen to me although I unintentionally did the order. XD

    But you can actually take any order of your preference. :D Because their songs are simply that great. I mean, when I'm disappointed with the recent I've songs, I deviate to Kalafina. =D

  3. But to tell you the truth, you can already hear Lacrimosa upon visiting my blog. :D Try to listen to it if you like. :D

  4. i've listened to Lacrimosa but it didn't work for me... =.=;;
    maybe should try other songs -_-a

    well when you deviate to Kalafina, i run back to Ayumi Hamasaki xD xD although her recent album, NEXT LEVEL, still needs to be polished more x3

    maybe for Ayumi to work with I've Sound ?? xD xD that could never happen unless I've Sound joins Avex. xD xD

  5. oh maybe you're not accustomed w/ ethereal songs? :o maybe you could try oblivious and sprinter. Or you could probably download the Seventh Heaven album since all their singles (and coupling songs) are there except for the Lacrimosa single.

    Ahaha that would be possible when the I've girls would go to Avex which I don't think is possible for now. xD I listened to some songs from the NEXT LEVEL album. Their good but not that great enough unlike her earlier albums like (miss)understood and A Song for XX.