Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New layout and more sentiments

感情: a little bored
音楽: "La Fiesta" - Hitomi Shimatani

Yes, despite the boring day, I'm trying to amuse myself and is already in front of the PC for 8 friggin' hours. D: And don't be surprised if I'm even a little hungry~~ XD

And so I made myself a new blog layout with its usual simplicity -- well that's because I don't want too decorative and too much "brushy" pics so I kept it simple and clean. *sings Utada's Simple and Clean then gets bricked*

And now I'm presenting the fifth scenario which is My Fairytale and it features Kalafina, one of my favorite all-girl group singers! I made use of their picture in their single fairytale which is the 6th ending theme for the OVA Kara no Kyoukai. I did not used the Seventh Heaven album cover because I already used that in their fanlisting. XP

Speaking of fanlisting, I still haven't upped it because I can't log into my FTP. I wonder if the server move is already finished or whatsoever. And that's actually the reason why I haven't upped the Kalafina fanlisting. And I've been e-mailing Mizuiro-chan but she's not replying -- probably busy with school work.

And I still haven't finished the layout for Jyukai fanlisting and summer classes will already start next week. I should finish it quick so that I can upload it w/ no worries even if I'm doing my thesis this summer. And admittedly, that's the reason why I made a new blog layout because I know I won't be having time to create one when summer classes is going on because I have to concentrate on my thesis so that I could finish up tertiary education this May. I want to benkyo (Japanese term for "work") already. xP

OoOoh~ my eyes are hurting and my stomach's churning. x0 So till then, I'll be posting after a few days. xD

P.S.: Eiko Shimamiya's single Chikai did not leaked. D: I want the long version already! *grumbles*


  1. hurry up!!

    take a rest for a few days :D

  2. Yeah, even though it felt like over-resting already, I still making this an opportunity to clear out mind (knowing it's useless). D:

  3. *lol*

    and talking about new layout, i just changed my blod theme xD now, it's the same as aibublog, although i didn't really mean it xD xD

    but the header is still not fixed since i'm still trying to make a better one =3