Sunday, April 05, 2009

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP/ED

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音楽: "Kioku no Mori" - FictionJunction YUUKA

Now that I have completed the I've Sound 10th Anniversary CD Box including its scans (thanks to KuroiYuki-chan! :D) and the anime shows that I ought to download (To Aru Majutsu no Index and Clannad After Story), I can already concentrate on other anime! XD Which are Pandora Hearts (which I posted that I will watch 2 months ago) and another anime Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~. The former still haven't got any fansubbers so I anticipated the latter would already have -- and it didn't fail me. XD

And so here's the OP/ED for Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ anime series.

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The opening theme is entitled KARMA by KOKIA. As usual, her vocals is very strong although it's a very "dramatic" and tragic opening but it still fits the theme of the anime. I'm really impressed with how KOKIA does her superb opera voice to some of the songs I like (e.g. Follow the Nightingale which was the OP theme for the NDS game Tales of Innocence).

The ending theme is entitled Jigoku no Mon (lit. Hell's Gate) by ALI PROJECT. It's kinda messy but it's still very entertaining for an ending theme. Maybe they should switch of roles with the opening theme? xP I'm liking this song better than Rara Eve Shinseiki plus I like the combination of the violin and the trumpet. XD Another magnificent creativity of Mikiya Katakura.


  1. i've watched the show... the anime itself is rather... hard to understand :D

    and the OP.. well, honestly, this is the first time i listen to KOKIA's song and i'm amazed with her voice x3

  2. Yeah I also watched the first episode and it's still a bit vague but I believe the other details about the story will show after the other episodes will be aired. xD

    Well yes. KOKIA is indeed great since I'm anticipating her releases. I haven't collected her discogs but definitely she's on my watchlist because her voice is so strong, "distinct" and of course, amazing. XD Like what I mentioned in my post, Follow the Nightingale for me is her strongest song and most recommendable song by KOKIA. Although it wasn't that noticed by the public... ~_~

    Even her 2 latest albums KOKIA∞AKIKO~balance~ and AKIKO∞KOKIA~balance~ we're not that publicly noticed even if it was great.