Saturday, April 04, 2009

Oh give me a break!

感情: a bit tired & sleepy
音楽: "end of refrain ~Chiisana Hajimari~" - Kaori Utatsuki

Gyaah! It's already 4:30am in my watch and my Kara no Tsubomi PV hasn't finished its download. Damn you, jsharer! -__-; Daikirai!!

In a rather late news, the I've Sound 10th Anniversary「Departed to the future」 Special CD BOX ended up at #43 in the Oricon top 300 weekly charts this week selling only 3,838 copies. Like what hikaruhoshi said, it's not really that worth buying that's why it only sold a bit few than expected. Plus the expense you'll incur just by ordering it. It's a headache! =.=' How I wish I was that rich that I could afford few copies so that I could give some to my friends. TT___TT

And if you think this CD Box was epic fail, you could've guess that IKU's Yuauea flopped at #91 this week selling only 1,929 copies. But the album explains why it only got that position. It's too poppish and cheesy. Only a number of songs are classified as good and unique.

As they also flop, my life is also a flop with this feeling of envious because my friends have already graduated ahead of me while I entered tertiary life earlier than them. -__- It's a total degradation because of my pathetic situation at school. If only they prioritized me... Ugh, I'm kinda sick of this life. If I would be asked, I really want to break free with school life for the meantime but then again, I only have one subject left and I should finish it this summer so that I could graduate as well -- but what's worse is I'm too tired. But I'm not saying I'm not going to take it this summer. I just wished that vacation was a bit longer because in just a short span of time, I'm still tired of school life.

Oh how I wish I could really finish this thesis within the summer. -___-;


  1. haha... calm down... ^_^;;

    you know, if you have entered the working field, you will feel that you want to go to school again xD xD

  2. Well I don't really know 'bout that. Many people said that school was better than working. Maybe that's true but for now, I really wanted to work so that I could feel my worth in our house.