Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shinsetsu Ryouki 2 demo movie up!

感情: fine
音楽: "Kara no Tsubomi" by MELL

And here's a higher quality version of Bizarrerie Cage short version. And a bonus for KuroiYuki-chan. xD So that she can hear the original version of C.G mix's under the darkness. Just uploaded it for fun. xP

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I really like Bizarrerie Cage because it really cushions MELL's powerful vocals as ever plus Maiko Iuchi did an excellent job of mixing rock and techno elements in the song. With the usual messy electric guitar but this time it was more attractive and the combination really makes it really anticipating -- at least for me. xP Can't wait for the long version to be released. XD *spazz*

Although the demo movie was kinda... brutal and bloody. Not the usual eroge, huh? Or is it not eroge but more of a horror visual novel like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni? x0 Oh well, at least the song is very inline with the game and that's what matters. x3



    the song is almost like a metal song xD xD

    but Maiko brilliantly mix trance into it and MELL, as expected, fits this kind of song and... voilla !!!

    instant fave !!!!

    can't wait for the full version x3

  2. Well when I first heard this short version a few months ago, I fell in love with it at first hear. x3 I really REALLY want the full version NAO!! But can't do anything 'bout that. x__X Wooah! I hope May 1 will come fast. x3

    Now that I'm thinking about it, Maiko's been doing rather great lately, I'd say. 'Tis may be a good year for her. XDDD;

  3. *lol* she's actually great because she never really stays on the same pattern, except for the noisy guitar distortion. xD xD

    i actually like Maiko's work. x3 although i still dislike her work for Mami's Dream xP

  4. Well I also like some of her works but not really all. I think she's great in making her arrangements so different from the traditional I've. Although she needs to polish more on that, but still her recent works are really great. =D

    My first Maiko Iuchi song that I like is not really an original arrangement of hers but a remix --- which is eclipse -UETSU MIU style- because it's so danceable and groovy. xD Although I also dislike DREAM and Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku. But I like her ballads like undelete and Saigo no Yakusoku. =D

  5. btw, where do you find the video ?!?!? i've looked for it in youtube and still couldn't find it >_<;;

  6. Ermm what video? o.O' I'mma bit confused. Ö

  7. shinsetsu ryouki 2 demo movie, i mean >_<;;

    sry for being unclear =.=

  8. Oh it's okay. xD Actually I just DL'd it in the main website.

    I thought it was a demo movie w/ the Bizarrerie Cage full ver. on it because of it's size (135MB) since it's way too big. I DL'd a demo movie for Haramiko a few months ago but it's only 40MB+. xD

  9. hee~~ ?? 135MB ??

    maybe i should try it if it's really the full version xD xD

  10. No, don't even try to because it's the same one that I uploaded here. xD Although you'll get it in a rather high quality video. XP But if you really want it to DL knowing there's no full version, then there's no stopping it. XD

  11. hahha, just finished downloading and watching it... and... it's really only the HQ of yours xD

    and... it's creepy... =.=

    the song fits the movie, though xD