Wednesday, April 01, 2009

C.G mix 2nd album title/cover and MELL's 1st DVD cover revealed!

感情: sleepy 
音楽: "vintage love" - KOKIA

Ah my first entry for April 2009 -- promoting again. xP And before I sleep and face my father's wrath later in the morning, I shall do this before it's too late... xD

I just visited Amazon to check if they already uploaded the Chikai single cover (even though I already have it! XP *bricked*), instead I noticed that C.G mix's album and MELL's DVD already had their cover released! And so I credit Amazon for posting them.

C.G mix's 2nd album pray (no official tracklistings released).

It's very creative and I like it. Period. Hopefully the songs will be creative as well. However, as much as his debut album looks, his face was not exposed. Is he ashamed of being not photogenic? o.O'

This one's pretty messy. Much messier than the cover for the SAVIA DVD. Is this meant to be a Red fraction replica?


  1. can i say creepy ??

    i mean, MELL's DVD cover is really creepy xP

    i'd have thought that it's a horror movie if there weren't that "Live" word xD xD

    however, it's better than SAVIA Live's cover IMO :P

  2. Well it has a "horrific" touch but it's too grungy. ~_~ Plus the fonts used are way to stretchy specifically the "First Live Tour 2008" and "SCOPE". I find the cover messy and too mixed up. Well I still like SAVIA and SEED DVD's cover much decent.