Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chikai preview and UTD -remix- up!

感情: a bit tense
音楽: "Chikai (preview)" - Eiko Shimamiya

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I already had my under the darkness -Remix- last night but due to lack of time, I wasn't able to upload it.

I like Chikai because it's more lively than WHEEL OF FORTUNE. I admit the latter is good but I'd say I love Chikai more. I wonder how SORMA No.1 will do OXISOLS. under the darkness -Remix- also sounds good though I still the original version but what I like about this remix is its very much trancier than the original.

Oh yeah, I'm a bit tensed because my parents already knew of my secret. x__X' As usual, my mother's ok with it but NOT my father. I'll be preparing my ears tomorrow for some showering of *bleep* words that will surely lower my self-esteem but I'll endure it. And I can't promise I'll be posting more because of this problem. So if I weren't able to post in the next few days, you already know it.


  1. still love Wheel of Fortune more =3

    and under the darkness... well i love the arrangement xD
    since i don't have the original version, not to say, the 1st album as well xD

  2. Haha WHEEL OF FORTUNE is also great. But if you compare Takase and Nakazawa's work this year for Higurashi, Chikai sounds much greater than Super scription of data and since it's still a preview, I think there might be some more factors that I will like this song rather than WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Nakazawa and Ozaki usually has more surprises up their sleeve when they compose for something. (e.g. Naraku no Hana)

    As for C.G mix's, his debut album's not that great. Sky was g-ray and version up were the only great songs in it. Mostly cheap-sounding ballads, I have to say and I don't like the album version of Welcome to HEAVEN!. No wonder it only hit #111 in the Oricon weekly and only charted for a week. =.='

  3. *reading*

    ic, so i don't need to download it then xD xD

    anyway, fred, how was your father ??

  4. Well you really don't have to download it. Haha. It's a bit of a cheapstake. :P haha. Not that worth buying but there's his effort so it's the only factor that you will buy this album. xDD *kicked by C.G mix's fans*

    Well about my father, my mother and I already explained all that we can about what happened. He's still a bit upset but at least for now, he didn't yell at me. I'm not talking to him since 2 days ago but it'll be alright after a few more days. :D He's just very slow to cope up and accept these kinds of situations.

    Oh Yuki-chan, I would like to say thank you for consulting and being concerned with my well-being. I really appreciate it. =3

  5. don't mention it... :D

    it's because i've failed once before so i kinda understand your feeling abit x3

  6. Oh, I see. But really, thanks a bunch! ^__^ Ya know, if I could only meet and see you face-to-face, I could really give you a big hug! *no joke intended* Just like what I did to my best friend awhile ago. :D

  7. hehe~ thanks x3