Sunday, March 29, 2009

HYDIAN WAY (w/ vocals)

Although the pitch for the instrumental (which was released way earlier) than this one but definitely it does sound better with the vocals. And it even got longer! From 5:48 instrumental it became 6:53 w/ vocals! xDD;; Uplifting and cheerful than See You ~Chiisana Eien~ and as much as I expect it, Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi was still much better. I assume KOTOKO did the lyrics for this one.


  1. *lol* what a long intro xD xD

    it's full-spirited song x3 x3

    although the harmony is abit weird :P

  2. WOOWWW...
    after listening the second time...

    i understand abit x3

    this song must be telling us about their 10-year journey and how they want to thank the fans for supporting them until now...

    xD xD

  3. yeah. But I don't think they'll be splitting up right? And I also can sense that they're expressing their gratitude through this song because it's so uplifting and some sort of "empowering" song. xD

  4. don't wanna think they would split up xP

    i don't think they will :D

    and about the lyricist, you're right. it's KOTOKO. it's in the booklet and the lyrics is also available x3