Friday, March 27, 2009

Departed to the Future songs credit

As much as I expected, me and KuroiYuki-chan's guesses are almost absolutely wrong but she has a higher score than me because I changed my answer on MELL's song credits. xD *gets kicked by Yuki-chan*

STATUS EDITED as of 03/29

Anyway, here's the REAL credits. XD

L'Oiseau bleu
Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composition/Arrangement: C.G mix
(Totally unexpected!)

Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi
(That explains why I don't like the song that much. x_x)

Lyrics: Eiko Shimamiya
Composition/Arrangement: Kazuya Takase
(We were right about this!)

Kara no Tsubomi
Lyrics: MELL
Composition: C.G mix
Arrangement: C.G mix and Takeshi Hoshino (which happens to be Mami's live guitarists) -- status edited!
(And this is where I committed my greatest mistake!)

end of refrain ~Chiisana Hajimari~
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Takeshi Ozaki
(The most unexpected reality! XD haha! That's why my inner conscience is telling me to like it. XP)

Oh and here are the PV previews. Well, one thing's for sure. Kara no Tsubomi is no no vain. XD

If you want to download the SINGLES, go to Winter Symphony, Misaki's mp3 rotation site which happens to be that I'm also one of its maintainers and posters. ;)


  1. it's only the preview, unfortunately Y-Y

    i want to watch the full version xD xD

  2. i think i should post here about Kara no Tsubomi's credit xD xD

    it's Takeshi Hoshino, our Hoshino-ouji according to Mami xD xD
    he's Mami's guitarist for the live :D

  3. haha yeah I also read that in Aibu's blog so I'm gonna edit the entry.

    Oh, I also want the full PVs too!!! *so wanted to buy the Special CD Box but grumbled when only coins dropped from my purse* >,>