Saturday, February 21, 2009

RIDEBACK remixer info

感情: a bit sleepy
音楽: "SCOPE" - MELL

I just made the Rideback article @ wiki since I already know who the remixer of RIDEBACK is. Yes, I was just waiting for it all along that's why if you're wandering, "WTF?! Rideback still haven't article?!". And my trusty sources already confirmed it -- namely Amazon and (IMS). =D

The name's Ken Morioka. Actually, I already heard of him but am not familiar of his works. o__o But I just searched about him and realized that he was actually one of MELL's guests at her SCOPE first live tour last November 2008.

Although I'm not familiar w/ him, I have high hopes for his remix and not to mention, for the song itself. I'm liking it better than KILL.

Oh and not just a remix, RIDEBACK will also have the usual instrumental version w/c is a good thing because I thought, it won't be having one. XD Well one thing's never changed and that is it's release date which is on March 4, 2009.

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