Wednesday, February 25, 2009

C.G mix 2nd album/Chikaigoto PV&full up!

感情: hyper (not that noticeable though)
音楽: "Anemoi" - eufonius

Gyaah~ I'm getting addicted with Anemoi lately. o__o If only I had the time, I want to make a song rendition of this!!! DX well maybe in summer vacation, nee?

By the way, C.G mix will be having his 2nd album which is still unknown for now... GNCV-1011/12 is its catalog number. It'll be released on April 29, 2009 [according to my trusty source cdjapan].

And surprise! I actually downloaded (somewhere) and uploaded it in my YouTube... xD Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi Dake Mou Ichido~ PV. =D

Plus here's the long version which I ripped (plus edited because I added some volume and extended some silences to make it more "formal". I'm kinda OC when it comes to that, ya know! XP) from the PV.

Hiyaah~ I really prepared on this one. But sadly, I still haven't got my copy of Super scription of data full... Ö

EDIT: Additional news! MELL's going to have her first DVD as well!!! Release date will be the same as C.G mix's 2nd album -- 04/29. Still untitled though.


  1. CG Mix 2nd album ??
    i haven't even got his 1st album xP

    and Chikaigoto PV.... IKU is really CUTE x3 x3

  2. Yes he'll be having a 2nd album. His 1st album was good in one try but really didn't like some of the songs... haha. But "version up" is my most fave. XD

    I really like Chikaigoto~! >:D

  3. to make you happy, fred.

    Chikaigoto is already available in tokyotosho

    for Mp3


    for FLAC

    i haven't downloaded it though >_<;;