Sunday, March 01, 2009

I was right about RIDEBACK!

感情: feeling enthusiast *bricked*
音楽: "RIDEBACK -instrumental-" - MELL

Oh yes, I'm certainly right about RIDEBACK. XD It's 50% kicks!, 40% BLAZE and 10% WHEEL OF FORTUNE (but you can ignore the last). Yes, it's not something made of new material or another of Takase's creative bouncy synths but I can say just by listening to the instrumental that it is tolerable. I mean for me, it's great -- greater than KILL. Much decent-sounding, at least. XD Although it's a very electric-guitar dependent.

You're right about you're thinking. Yes, RIDEBACK single was out VERY early. XP And as of now, I'm still halfway of downloading the single and PV -- the question of why am I still downloading it it's because the good samaritans once again uploaded it in a very slowpoke web host. =.=' So once again, I'm suffering to download it but I have to admit, it has improved its speed unlike my past downloads (Imagine downloading a 2MB file @ 30mins.? O_O). Maybe I'll post the single in my LJ community if it finshes earlier than expected.

RIDEBACK -Re-mix ver.- is kinda alright but it's shorter than the original version... plus it's like JOYBASU's remix for Mami Kawada's radiance. It has become a bit rockier edge (since I'm expecting a bit trance-y remix) but not a bad try, at least for me.

It's a good thing that the remix and instrumental version we're the first to download haha so that I can judge it already! XD

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