Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm free again~

感情: a bit tired

Ah yes~ after cramming for thesis, I'm feeling lighter again because I can do my unfinished tasks -- I'm currently searching an idea inside my mind what will be the name, pics to be used and design for the upcoming fanlistings -- 1 adopting (Jyukai) and 1 new (Kalafina).

I just finished making up the List of To Aru Majutsu no Index albums in Wiki and boy, it was a real hard work!! O.o although I just copied the format from Shakugan no Shana, it was still a bit handful.

My homeworks (take note, HOMEWORKS! Not just one! XP) for Business Policy & Strategic Management, I still haven't started finished it!! D: I still have to do another version for my other classmate because he asked me to do it for him --- because he'll pay me for doing it. XP Don't be mistaken because I won't be accepting that offer if not for the money! Nyahaha! *stomped then bricked* There's nothing free in this world today!!! >:) *pie splat*

Plus, I will still sort out my things for the 3rd & last immersion assisting job in Calamba, Laguna this coming Sunday, so I'll be leaving this beloved blog of mine for a while. Uguuu~ I'm going to face those hard-headed students again but it'll be the last time so I'm tolerating this.

*Looks at my watch then yawns* Oh it's already 12:15am in my watch, maybe I'll be sleeping for now. I'm not that tired but I'm feeling sleepy already.

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