Friday, January 16, 2009

Kioku (TV size) - Younha feat. GOKU up!

感情: hungry
音楽: "Mona Lisa" - Hitomi Shimatani

Due to my friend kieyuku's request for the TV size rip of RIDEBACK's ending theme, I ripped it through high-quality video from YouTube.

Kioku (TV size) by Younha feat. GOKU

This song is also good although it's not Younha's best... It's very... sensual compared to a pop-rock Houki Boshi but nonetheless it's still considered good music. I couldn't hear GOKU's voice though nor I know what his part on this song is.

I just noticed that Younha left Sony Records and went to Sistus Records instead. Oh no, that IS a bad move. Knowing Sachi Tainaka and Jyukai's sales, tsk, tsk. But I can't blame her though, and instead I'd rather blame Sistus (who have the same poor strategy as Geneon -- the former is a subsidiary of the latter, I guess). Younha is talented, yes. But I noticed she's not all famous right now unlike when she had the Bleach tie-in.

I guess such tie-ins truly brings out of the best of you, no? But it's not always the case, I know of some other artists that didn't shine despite of a "heavy" anime tie-ins (good example of this is, HALCALI's Long Kiss Goodbye which was used as the 7th ED for Naruto Shippuuden).


  1. thx fred.

    younha is more popular in Korea now. that's why she has to build her popularity in Japan from zero again. and i admit the song is not so earcatching even though it's not bad.

  2. Yeah I also saw in Wiki that her Korean albums are really successful in her home country. I got to admit, she got me surprised when I first knew her as a J-pop singer. Not the same scenario as BoA's, I guess. XD

    I find "Kioku" sensual and seductive so I'm liking it... but like what you said, it's not all that great that you'll bang your head because the song is great or whatsoever.