Sunday, January 18, 2009

New layout - finished

感情: fulfilled
音楽: "Bike" - Maaya Sakamoto

AHH! Yes I already finished my crappy new layout. xD It was originally dedicated to my recent addiction, Kalafina's song "oblivious". Well the picture has got nothing to do with the song nor the series Kara no Kyoukai but I just find it appropriate for my next time but then I thought it would be better to add "ethereal" to make it more flowery pleasant-sounding.

What made me difficult on making this layout is the size. It's my PC resoultion's fault because it is 1,280x1024!! I'm already used to this resolution so when creating layout, I still have to consider the default resolution (1,024x768) that's why some of my layouts are kinda big -- don't ask why. |D;; It was a bit embarrassing because the first one I made (that Yuki88 saw awhile ago *bricked*) was a bit small-sized and some of the color links are eye-breaking. XD I wasn't able to repair it awhile ago because I have to eat my dinner and watch my favorite tele-drama. XD

So it took 2 hours for me to use the PC again and... as usual... Adjust, adjust and adjust! Fix, fix and fix! =))

Well although it's still looks kinda the same awhile ago but at least I already widen it and fixed the link colors. XD So I have to call it a night afterwards, my body's already longing for the bed. Jaa! *signing off*

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