Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can't help but doodle

感情: fine
音楽: "serenato" - Kalafina

Awhile ago at school, it felt like I just went there for nothing. I wasn't able to attend my first class because I got there at 9:30am and that's the time my first class will end. Who wouldn't have been late at class if it weren't for this very cold climate (Hey, 18.2 Degrees Centigrade is already cold in such a tropical country such as the Philippines!) and I slept 4am because I have to finish Chapters 2-6 of my thesis and as usual, I crammed!! XD That I can't deny. :P

I alarmed my phone at 6am but I wasn't able to feel it. I just felt the need to wake up when my mom asked me, "Are you going to school?". I didn't say anything but instead, looked at my watch and I got up in no time because it was already 7am!! My first class is 8:00am-9:30am.

So in short, I didn't attend that class and it was my 4-hour vacant and all I have to do is sit down in the Community Involvement Office and take a snooze. But aside from that, all I did was doodling... Want a sample?

Hahaha sorry for the blurry images... You're quite aware how antique my phone is, right?

The first one, is the kanji name of my favorite uta-hime/J-pop singer. =D

Then the second one is a katakana version of my web name. If you don't know my web name then I'm going to have you taste some knuckle sandwich so that you'll remember that for the rest of your life. :P Just kidding. *bricked*

The third one is just a random song title and it happens to be one of my favorite Bonnie Pink song "Do You Crash?". I really love this to pieces because I'm quite aware it happens to me sometimes. XP

The fourth one is obviously a random smiley. XD Can't think of anything to doodle to I draw anything that comes to my mind.

And the last one is the expression that my face carved when I saw all of the doodles and fancy signatures (not included above) that I made in the pad paper. "Whatever!" Hahaha just the exact word. :P

And a good thing about this day --- I was able to save up 80% of my allowance because my lunch was "kinda" on the house! Haha! Plus I was able to save some money from the usual special tricycle fare of PhP20.00 to just PhP7.00 because when I arrived at the tricycle terminal, there were already passengers and coincidentally, I was the only one waiting for them to depart from the terminal. Lucky! And I skipped the 2nd ride and instead walked for 10 minutes and rode the 3rd ride (save PhP6.00 + walking is definitely good for your heart! I learned this one from the hospital elevator haha! Because one time when I was there, I saw a signboard saying, "Out Patients, Doctors, Nurses and other Medical Staffs are encouraged not to use the elevator. Walking is good for you heart." :D). Then I also skipped 4th ride (save PhP17.00) since I'm not in a hurry and walked all the way to school instead of taking the tricycle ride.

Hahah! Not half-bad a day, wasn't it? Although I was a bit pissed off with a student when she said something she need not to say in front of me. It's kinda long story so I'll be calling this a "night" already. Besides, I get agitated when her voice echoes to my inner mind. Makes me want her to spill all the dirty beans all the way to her stomach for saying that! >:)

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