Friday, January 09, 2009

I'll just have to die again *fanboying*

sentiment: UWWAAAHHH!!! *dies*
harmony: "JOINT" by Mami Kawada

*wakes up* UWAAHHH! I can't take this!!! This excitement when I searched YouTube... I thought I'd miss watching Hishoku no Sora live but when I typed in the search bar, there were two results and from the thumbnail of the other, I can say that it was ripped from Mami's latest LIVE TOUR DVD SAVIA!!!! *dies again*

I already subscribed my YouTube account to kokoro178's videos. XD Since this person also uploaded the TRILL live and also the JOINT live from the said LIVE TOUR DVD!!!! *dies once more*

Uwahh so much for fanboying~! |D;;

When I saw her blue dress in action (because I just use to see that blue dress in pictures that I saw in some websites) I can't help but "die"!!! @___@ *squee~* So much for Mami Kawada madness. I hope this guy'll upload the other songs!!! I'm dying to see them! T~T especially portamento!!! I'll be waiting for it.. XDDDDD;; *full excited mode*



    lucky that i decided to visit ur blog and find myself wanting-to-cry-happily-but-unable-to-because-still-working-time xD xD

  2. hahaha! It's okay Yuki-chan! Laughter is still the best medicine haha! At least it made your day oh-so-happy and I helped you (even for a bit). XD