Saturday, January 10, 2009

foobar meme

I remember doing this meme last December 2007 (but I'm using Winamp before) and since I'm in the mood to repeat this meme, then I'll be. XD

Go to your Winamp (or any media player that you have there -- in my case foobar) and put it on shuffle mode. Read a question and then switch to a song. That's going to be your answer for the question. Get ready!

1. What do you think of me, Foobar?
Song: Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis
Comment: Ugh, you're despicable than Winamp. T-T I'm not dead a zombie you know! XDD;; *bricked*

2. Will I have a happy life?
Song: Imaginary affair
Artist: KOTOKO
Comment: Heh?! REALLY?!! O__O;; I'm not going to be happy if I'll having an affair with a ghost you know!! XDD;; *bricked again*

3. What do my friends really think of me?
Artist: Mai Hoshimura
Comment: Wow really happy, ain't it? I like this answer!!! XDDD;; But really when I'm with them (my real friends not school friends), I GET REAL HAPPY!! :DD *grouphugs friends*

4. Do people secretly lust after me?
Song: Can You Keep a Secret?
Artist: Hikaru Utada
Comment: Now isn't that a REAL secret? XDD;; So does that mean... ??? *mudpie at my face*

5. What does [insert significant other] think of me?
Song: Rock'n Rouge
Artist: Nana Katase
Comment: Now isn't a girly thing for me? DX or my perception is failing me for the nth time?!

6. How can I make myself happy?
Song: Yubikiri
Artist: Mai Hoshimura
Comment: Is that really going to make me happy?! And can you please tell me whom will I link my finger and confirm a promise when I don't have a girlfriend?!! *hmm* Maybe my bestfriend Erica, we'll swear that we'll be bestfriends forever and ever. Amen. :))

7. What should I do with my life?
Song: Hero's Come Back!!
Artist: nobodyknows+
Comment: Are you telling me that I should be like Uzumaki Naruto?! o__O;; I'm not a ninja you know!!

8. Why must life be so full of pain?
Artist: Changin' My Life
Comment: So you're really implying that it's always painful and sad!? Kuyashii desu ne?! O.o' Well that's not always the case, I'm happy most of the time.

9. How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
Artist: sona
Comment: Now isn't that a bit bold??! For pitt's sake, iyada!!! =.=' It's a big no-no!! XDDD;;

10. Will I ever have children?
Song: Pisudori
Comment: WTH it doesn't answer the question!! And there's no way I could have a child in a peaceful dream!!! Or maybe not... XDDD;; *mudpie at face again*

11. Will I die happy?
Song: Amairo no Kami no Otome
Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Comment: Gosh, that doesn't answer the question as well. But maybe yes, as long as that girl with the flaxen hair is as pretty as Hitomi Shimatani. :DD bwahaha!

12. Can you give me some advice?
Song: loose
Artist: KOTOKO
Comment: Err, what will I loosen?! O.o' I'm not a seducer you know! XP

13. What do you think happiness is?
Song: Negaigoto
Artist: Fonogenico
Comment: REALLY?! Is happiness all about wishing!? D:

14. What's your favourite fetish?
Song: Nekoze (acoustic)
Artist: RYTHEM
Comment: Uhm excuse me?!!

15. Will I get far in life?
Song: Welcome to HEAVEN!
Artist: C.G mix
Comment: Are you saying my life will be very short!!? Huhu, hidoi!!! T-T

16. How do my friends see me?
Song: Bitter & Sweet
Artist: RYTHEM
Comment: Whoa, isn't that a bit complicated?! Ö Someone please call the ambulance and take me away!!! XDD;;

17. Where will i get married?
Song: Ai no Uta
Artist: Every Little Thing
Comment: Well isn't that very mushy?! Oh and it doesn't even answer the question. O__O;

18. What is my best friend's theme song?
Song: capriccio ~Kokoro wa Itsumo Kumori Nochi Hare~
Artist: KOTOKO
Comment: well... maybe. XP who knows? I haven't asked her that. XDD;;

19. What is the story of my life?
Song: Fuyu no Shizuku -White Summer Style-
Artist: KOTOKO
Comment: Well kinda true... =D but I still prefer the original version though. XP

20. What is/was high school like?
Song: TATTOO KISS ~The Power of my Kiss~
Artist: r.o.r/s
Comment: Uhm excuse me again?! O.o

21. How can i get ahead in life?
Song: Oboetete ii yo
Artist: KOTOKO
Comment: Yeah, yeah if I will be remembered. I get it --- but still didn't work for me. Too bad.

22. What is the best thing about me?
Artist: Lia
Comment: Are you telling me my love is so strong that I'm forcing anyone to love me?! I hope not. XD;; *bricked for the nth time*

23. How is today going to be?
Song: My Generation ~YUI Acoustic Version~
Artist: YUI
Comment: Really??! XDD;; Then I'm going to be very happy!!

24. What song describes my parents?
Song: Kazemakaze 2
Artist: Reiko Yasuhara
Comment: Are they really going to leave it to the wind?? XP 'tis a big laugh!! Haha! :D Fred love funny stuff! *Ayla mode*

25. My grandparents?
Song: turning world
Artist: eufonius
Comment: Truly... Madly... Deeply (?) Haha! They're generation has expired long time ago.

26. How is my life going?
Song: Kazemachi Jet
Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Comment: Ahaha! Nice one! XP I'm really like a stubborn jet who is just looking for a good wind. XD

27. What song will they play at my funeral?
Song: This Love
Artist: Angela Aki
Comment: Aww, I love this song but it's too sad for me... T.T yet I don't know if it's suitable for me haha!

28. How does the world see me?
Song: Afureru Kanjou ga Tomaranai
Artist: Yuichi Ikusawa
Comment: Are really my feelings that strong?! So strong I still can't feel it?! *o*

29. What is my signature dancing song?
Song: Komoriuta
Artist: Eiko Shimamiya
Comment: Huh!! 'Tis not even a dance and why the hell ?!

30. What do I think my current theme song is?
Song: rush
Artist: KOTOKO
Comment: REAL true. Haha! I do rush/cram things ahead on. XD Now you know! XP if only there is a fanlisting for the crammers, I'd really join to it or either create one! XP

31. What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Song: Sonzai
Artist: CooRie
Comment: Yeah, some even think I don't really exist so this one is just pretty sharp. >.>;;

32. What do I really want from life?
Artist: Mika Nakashima
Comment: Now, now isn't that for gals?! O.o' But it can be. =D

33. What should I do to help others?
Song: Wing my Way -Glass no Kaze version-
Artist: KOTOKO
Comment: Does that really help?! I think they would rather seek assistance from others if I would do that! :P

34. What should i do to help myself?
Artist: L'Arc-en-Ciel
Comment: Oh, seems like it won't really help me. XP My heart draws a dream and so what?! I don't even bother what my heart draws. *lol'd*

35. What should I do to succeed in life?
Song: Ren'ai CHU! ~ParaParaMix 1~ -KOTOKO version-
Artist: KOTOKO
Comment: Now isn't that a bit off?! Hey it's just a passion kiss! Anyone can do that!

36. What is my one most important goal in life?
Song: Rock n Roll Princess
Artist: The Scanty
Comment: THAT DOESN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION!! Damn you, foobar! XD

37. What do I get the most pleasure from?
Artist: Yuna Ito
Comment: Well, maybe? xD

38. What do people assume when they first look at me?
Song: Highway Chance
Artist: YUI
Comments: Really?! It didn't even described the real ME!? >.<

39. What will be a big challenge in life for me?
Song: NightmaRe
Artist: SNoW
Comments: Oh no!! Don't even come!! My life is already miserable and you still want me to suffer?! o_o 

40. Am I a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
Song: Ai no Melody
Artist: KOKIA
Comments: Hahaha! 'Tis a rich laughter! XD
Side comment: my answers are not as funny as the first one though... Sorry. XD And I just noticed there are only few I've Sound songs... Not even a Mami Kawada song. >>;;
Anyone who want to do this meme are free to do so. ^o^


  1. *ROTFLOL*

    so many question freeeedd xD xD

    and so funny xD xD
    even funnier than mine xD xD

  2. Hahaha you can do that as well.. haha! It's not as funny as my first time but it's still enjoyable to do so. ^_^

  3. *lol*

    i've done it but i really don't wanna post it...

    at least i'll let you read the-most-embarrasing-but-also-the-funiest one:

    27. What song will they play at my funeral?
    Song: IMMORAL
    Artist: Mami Kawada
    Comment: ARRRRGHH KITTTAAAAAA~~ !!! xD xD in the end i really got this song to be played in my funeral ?!?!? DAMMNNNN !!! xD xD am i really that IMMORAL as a female ?!?!? xD xD playing galge... reading H doujin... xD xD okay... okay !! i admit that i'm really immoral then Y-Y

  4. hahaha now that's a big LOL! Hahaha Don'tcha worry I also read some H doujin sometimes *shhh!* haha! But I haven't played galge yet haha I don't play H-games. XP But well, it's okay, I have a much rather embarrassing experience than that.

    And that is to challenge myself to watch a hardcore yaoi film. O.O Gosh, my brain's all shaky after that it's a good thing I watched that at midnight and no one in the house saw how weak I got after watching it. ~_~

  5. hahaha... i watched yuri and nothing happened to me :P
    i watched yaoi (plus it's a shota.. OMG) and dropped my jaw xD xD
    well at least i don't watch any H anymore... just some galge and H-doujin sometimes :P *SSSSSSSSTTTT*

  6. Aww I also tried watching yuri but I got nosebleeds haha!

    And about my yaoi experience, it's a bit brutal one so my nerve tissues got weaken after that... It's real brutal... the rapist got his penis cut down (uncensored)!! And that's got me all weaken because I kinda imagination how painful it is!!! >,<

    But I'm kinda interested in playing H-games. =3 haha! I just don't have the time right now but I want to play just this once.. haha!