Monday, January 19, 2009

Otanjoubi Omedetou, KOTOKO-chan!

感情: a bit tired & sleepy
音楽: "Fuchidori no Sekai" - KOTOKO

Before I go and turn off my PC, just would like to greet one of the greatest singers of Japan that I know a happy happy birthday!! Hope you're already feeling well! I heard from the folks in the I've Sound blog that you got sick because of your nonstop activities. Don't push yourself too hard, Kotoko-chan!

Happy Birthday, KOTOKO-chan!
Again, I wish you a happy happy birthday!! I just wish I know your true age. But well, it doesn't really matter. XD Although 2008 hasn't been a great year for you, I still like you and PLEASE PLEASE, release your 4th album already. |D;; *bricked* Oh and pull yourself together again and looking forward to see the real you again in singing. ^_^ I want another epic win song like Real Onigokko, Re-sublimitysociometryUZU-MAKI and many many more of your greatest works. XDDD


  1. LOL... it's written in wikipedia that she was born on 1980... not sure whether it's true or not. but that might be true :D

    well, at least a best album would be better than nothing :D

  2. Well that 1980 is not really confirmed so I'm not really sure and I don't want to assume things that I don't really know... but let's just assume that she's 29 y/o. :D

    Best album would be preferrable or a normal 4th album. I'm already sick of her releasing just a "nothing-very-special" single just like "U Make Ai Dream" and "Special Life!". Oh and add BLAZE on the list. >.<

  3. well at least 'BLAZE' B-side, 'Sociometry' is far better than 'BLAZE' *lol*
    that's if i should choose the worst single, i'll probably choose 'U make Ai dream'... -_-a

  4. Well yeah, you could say that again... Even the remixes on her songs in mgc are dreaded (w/ the exception of Suppuration -core G.M.S remix- because I like it). And even her eroge theme songs are getting too "uptight" for her. Stars Biscuit, however is much tolerable than Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku.