Monday, January 19, 2009

IKU will have an album ?!

感情: whoa!!!
音楽: "Waga Routashi Aku no Hana" - ALI PROJECT

What the?! Am I reading it right?! O.o' IKU will be having her debut album?! It's a Geneon-produced but I don't think it'll be I've Sound produced even though I've Sound King Kazuya Takase will be the main producer of this album. WTF?!

IKU / 1st album
2009.03.25 OUT

Will this stand out? I don't think so. Her two first singles are even weaker despite the tie-ins. But who knows? And is it me or what, it's release date is also the same as the『Departed to the future』I've Sound 10th Anniversary Special CD BOX. o.O'

And C.G mix will have his 2nd album this year. Ö I thought he was suppose to release one last year 2008?! It's not even clear if Geneon will produce it. Now this is getting complicated lately. Plus his "true eyes" is yet to be released and either the "under the darkness -Remix-".


  1. wow, where do you get this news ?? even aibu hasn't say anything about this o_0;;
    well maybe aibu don't care about IKU anyway -_-;;

    but anyway, Kazuya Takase being the producer for IKU ?? it's almost as if IKU is really part of I've. but they never confirmed it. i wonder whether she's really part of I've or not since there's really nothing about I've in her official website. i'm quite sure of this.

  2. Well I got the news in And I was quite.. uhmm shocked because Takase prioritize IKU than having Kaorin an album! Yeah wtf is this?!

    Well yeah sort of, Aibu doesn't care much about IKU since she's just a guest singer. Not really a part of I've. She's just like an "extra", I think...

  3. it's abit unfair for Kaorin Y-Y
    even if her fandom is not as big as the other uta-hime, they're still there.
    i like her, even when my friend keeps saying that nothing special from her ^^;;
    but that-nothing-special thing is the special thing from here xD xD *wtf do i actually mean ?!?! xD xD*
    it's not that she has nothing special. instead, she hasn't been given many chances to prove that she can be special like the other uta-hime, too. she has been given all lovey-dovey-sweety-cutey songs which she has been too comfortable *probably* with those. i only remember two songs that make Kaorin had different essence, 'SWAY' and 'SENECIO -album mix-'. well i was kinda bored with 'SENECIO -album mix-' at first, but i turned to like it, since it is kinda swingy... :D

    well i've talked too much xD xD

    gotta back to my assignment xD xD

  4. Yeah I was kinda sad for Kaorin as well because I like her as well. You can tell why I made her a wiki article (yes although I haven't mentioned it but I'm still the one who initiated that article in wiki. xD) and a fanlisting nee? x0

    I understand the nothing-special concept. xD At least she could still improvise to herself. And yeah the opportunity to perform a "harder" techno or trance track is one factor that made her "more different" than the other 4 uta-hime.

    Wow I also like SWAY but I didn't like the album mix of Senecio that much since I like the original Tomoyuki composition/arrangement of that song. xD But what made me like her more is "Bokura ga Mimamoru Mirai" and of course her first lyric-writing/composition "Anata ga Suki". But well that was pre-Shining-stars-bless era but my new faves are Chasse and Change of heart. ^_^

    good luck to your assignment! ^o^ *cheers Yuki-chan*

  5. yeah my assignment is *hopefully* finished... just need some adjustment tomorrow since my brain has stopped working xD xD

    haha, i switched to album mix's senecio not long after i listened to it :P
    but yeah, i love 'Change of Heart' too x3 and i notice that her engrish is probably better than the other uta-hime *lol*

  6. Yeah I noticed that too. Kaorin's engrish is not very bad at all. XD Actually it was very fluid that it's notvery engrish-y compared to MELL's. Too bad she wasn't given enough attention like the other uta-hime.