Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RIDEBACK PV - more decent than KILL

感情: thinking about the upcoming days
音楽: "Bizarrerie Cage (short ver.)" - MELL


I like this PV more than the KILL PV. Much more decent I'd say plus it displays a fashionable MELL although you can't help notice the Engrish-ness. =3 But that's natural of MELL. And my impression on the song still didn't change. I still find it great plus it sounded like kicks! than its TV size.

I have a hunch that MELL's getting the trophy to be the second Arika Takarano because I just notice she's wearing another French aristocrat clothes but as I said, it's still better than the seductive-black image she portrayed in KILL. It's a no-no for me, I'd rather see her wear the black satin clothes she wore in no vain. That's still tolerable and much more "hauntingly beautiful" rather than the former. What can I say, MELL still rocks! =D

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