Monday, December 15, 2008


sentiment: frustrated
harmony: "Two face" by AKI

Well it has been a while since I wrote an RL stuff here, eh? But today's one of the freakiest day I've ever had at school and I can't let the day pass having these frustrations inside my hypothalamus, ne? And while I share how much of an exhausting day it was, I would like to describe how I felt awhile ago at the Bilibid prisons.

Ugh, almost pure epic fail! Well I was happy somehow but today instead of enjoying myself being a volunteer (since I've been there for the nth time), I, Ms. Glen and Sir Bong got ourselves at the end of our nerves because of the students of the immersion class. >_<
First off, the SOP was to meet at 7am and yet only less than 1/10 of the population (of the immersion class) has arrived. Gawd damn for Filipino time. o__O Never fails to make me puke out and be ashamed of being a Filipino (sometimes). And that's not the only problem, other students made their transportation payment (for the jeepneys) TODAY! I remembered we posted that Dec.11 was the last date of payment for the transpo! *makes me want to bite them in the leg like Index* And so they made us crammed to accept all the payments instead of just preparing the necessary things since we're just a three-man org today (because the other volunteers weren't able to make it and some of the volunteers are also students of the immersion class so that leaves us no choice).
And because of some interruptions, misbehaviors and conflicts from parents of some student (it's too long and complicated to explain one by one), we were able to went out on our way to the prisons at 9am. o__o
When we arrived there, I was assigned to collect the IDs of ALL the students and mind you, there were at least 200 students and I have to carry and collect them all!! X_X We didn't have a plastic bag so I have to carry the burden. Then when the students entered, we still waited for the last batch of students (and it was so fuckin' hot that time!!).
While inside the prisons, I helped with the documentations like taking pictures, roaming around, unintentionally playing hide and seek with Sir Bong and Ms. Glen (because when I'm searching for them, they go somewhere but this isn't a problem really, it's just a bit exhausting to searching for them). Yes, definitely it was fun staying there seeing the other people and the inmates having fun and all but those immersion students are making the easy work a hard work for us, really.
One of the worst statements that I heard from one of the students while I was roaming around is that they are wondering why the immersion was SO short and unsatisfying. YEAH DAMN FUCKIN' whoever you are, it's all yer damn fault that it ended up like that --- gawd for not being punctual and not paying on time! Grrrr!!
And what's worse, we just found out that some of the students didn't forgot to pay the transpo and Sir Bong didn't have a choice but to be the loan shark of the school and paid the shortage which made him hotheaded when we returned at school. Well the other 3 professors didn't even bug to help us and shoulder the money shortage. Ugh, school surely sucks. ~~
When will people learn to change? Speaking of change, I admit I arrived a bit later than 7am today but at least I've done my part and I was earlier than most of the students. I remembering telling my younger sister that change starts within us so the first step to do "the change" is to be a role model (but sadly I was *kinda* not because of the almost 10 minute late) and show them that you really aim to that change.
I remember Sir Bong also mentioned that on his lecture before we departed at the Bilibid Prison. And I so agree with him that I really want to make them realize it.
And in the end, I feel toxicated because of what happened... Although it's slowly suppressing, I still don't feel like being happy. >>; Or maybe I'm just tired and all and so, I'm going to rest and relax my head. Hopefully, I'll be back to my old self again tomorrow.


  1. SO much for a busy day? huh? kapatid? Aus lang yan basta pagdating you sa bahay go to bed and sleep well...

    but knowing you... in front of the computer until morning is the most relaxing way. :D

    4 days and counting!!!! :D

  2. haha talagang bilang na bilang mo kapatid ahh!!

    Haha I was very toxicated that day but relaxing in front of my PC really made my day. :D