Saturday, December 13, 2008

A new and upcoming fanlisting

sentiment: just fine
harmony: "Kitei no Tsurugi" by ALI PROJECT

Oh yes, another fanlisting is now open although I already opened it 2 nights ago. xD Yes, last December 12, 2008, Kaorin a.k.a Kaori Utatsuki already had her fanlisting courtesy of moi, Fred Itachi. =D

Drive Out: The Utatsuki Kaori fanlisting

Actually it should've been opened a week ago but due to my laziness and some business at school, I requested a 1-week extension for making it and thus, it was made on the day of its deadline. Although as you can see, its layout is VERY crappy and simple... You can decipher that I crammed on it. XP Well I can't find any decent pics from her that's why I just screencapped on her Chasse PV. xD *gets shot*

And speaking of an upcoming fanlisting, I decided to make a fanlisting for ALI PROJECT since I'm getting REALLY addicted with their songs lately. I used to be a fan of them in the past especially after hearing Peony Pink and Kopperia no Hitsugi. But I have to admit I have to adjust on their "shift" because from being bouncy and cheerful Peony Pink, I was rather shocked when I first heard Gesshoku Grand Guignol and Kopperia no Hitsugi! They were rather different from style when I first heard their song in CLAMP School. It was darker and have a creepy feeling especially the latter (even if Noir wasn't very horror).

Anyway, I'm really into them especially when I learned that they will perform the opening theme from the anime I'm watching Kurogane no Linebarrels. Kitei no Tsurugi really rocks my socks!! O.o Pretty amazing song and they are really extravagant when it comes to the title of the song!! ALI PROJECT never fails to amaze on how they create their titles! Not to mention, their song arrangements -- even if almost all of their songs have resemblance to one another (due to the fact that only one person is composing and arranging them) but it never fails to make "Whoa~!"

And even had the urge to download some of their singles! And discovered my love for Asura Hime's single cover!! O.o Arika Takarano looks great on this one!! <3

The reason why I want to make them a fanlisting? Whether you believe it or not, some of their songs already got a fanlisting but the group itself didn't get the privilege to have one! o__O So I swore to the amazing group *Yeah as if they'll know about this one* that this fanboy is ready to build their fanlisting! xD *KYYAAAHHH*

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