Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pics from SAVIA Live Tour c/o

Ahh just random pics from Mami Kawada's latest live tour in Taiwan. How I envy those who were able to attend this one. Even if my country's just down below Taiwan, expense for the roundtrip is unreasonable. >_< Yes, I'll just have to accept the fact that I'm just a beggar. ~_~

That blue dress looks awesome but her hair style could do better, I guess. Meh, one time it would really be one of my happiest days if I'd be able to attend just at least one of her concerts or live tours in the future. And get her autograph! *chaching*


  1. there are some concerts in malaysia that r cater to foreigners who r willing to fly to malaysia just to listen to the concerts. one of them is il divo concert.

    if there's any japanese singer's concert in malaysia or next door country, i might even consider of attending. :D

  2. Hoaa Fred xD

    where did you get those picture ?!!?!?

    love the dress, and her hair is not bad... just too simple :D

  3. @renaye>> very well said but as we know I've Sound is not that in-demand for abroad so if ever they'll get a chance to have a live tour, they only do it in the neighboring countries (e.g. Taiwan).

    It'll be a true miracle if they'll have a live tour or concert either in Malaysia or here in the Philippines. xD

    @Yuki88>> @ I also like her dress. :D very fashionable compared to her hair.

  4. i use google-translator and read the article...

    it's funny to read that Mami actually is a self-proclaimed rain-woman (自称雨女) ^^;;
    and everytime she held a concert it would be raining xD xD