Saturday, December 06, 2008

Preview for KOTOKO's "Restoration" available, MELL for RIDEBACK

sentiment: kinda excited but not super excited
harmony: "Hotaru Boshi" by Chitose Hajime

Restoration ~沈黙の空~ (Restoration ~Chinmoku no Sora~)
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition/Arrangement: C.G mix
Theme song for BALDR SKY

As with the third tie-up with the series, KOTOKO still performed the opening theme song with C.G mix (again) with the music and arrangement. Not as good as Face of Fact and the Resolution version. Surely, I've music declines bit by bit... ~_~ Hopefully Mami's 7th single won't be disappointing... Random thought: Why am I feeling that Mami will perform the theme song for the eroge Haramiko? Hmm... I hope my premonition's correct since Mami hasn't done any eroge theme songs lately.

On other news, MELL is back with another tie-in with a new anime series called RIDEBACK which will aire in Japan next month, January 2009. Not sure but most likely, it'll come with a single which will become her 5th one. She's been consistent since she'll also do the theme song for Shin Setsu Ryouki no Ori entitled Bizarrerie Cage which serves as her 2nd tie-in with the said eroge after performing the ballad Permit. Bizarrerie Cage will be composed and arranged by Maiko Iuchi.

A preview for the theme song for RIDEBACK is available in the trailer for the anime. Song is still untitled. It's a perky and bouncy one but it's kinda bland with just the preview. Or is it aiming to be the next FLY TO THE TOP? Who knows.

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