Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mami Kawada again for To Aru!

sentiment: THRILLED, HAPPY, EXCITED AS IN EVER!!!! =D *glomps*
harmony: "Light colors" by Lia

Got this info from hikaru of aibublog, Mami Kawada does it again for her tie-in with To Aru Majutsu no Index. Recently released 1st opening theme PSI-missing, the 2nd opening theme still has no title but it is set to be released on January 28, 2009! It's catalog number would be GNCV-0013. Wow what great news! =D I think by end of December we'll already have the TV size for the 2nd OP for the said anime, ya think? =D *jumps for joy* Wonderful.

And speaking of her, PSI-missing is still continuing to chart in the Oricon weekly charts:

1st week -- #14 (9,623) 9,623
2nd week -- #39 (2,927) 12,550
3rd week -- #61 (1,667) 14,217
4th week -- #?? (1,231) 15,448

I hope this single will reach 20,000 copies, no?

Plus her MAMI KAWADA LIVE TOUR 2008 "SAVIA" LIVE&LIFE VOL.2 DVD will be out a day before Christmas. How I wish I could avail that DVD which will serve as a Christmas gift for me. But seeing my pocket, I could just put a tantrum and cry because I'm broke. >_<

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