Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Ear Problem finally resolved

sentiment: quite happy
harmony: "cross up" by KOTOKO

Yay! xD After one week of not posting, here I go again! *lurks on my blog* ahaha!

Just these past few days, I have been a half-deaf because of my ears -- it's ringing and it's like it has stocked many ear wax on my behalf. x_X I had difficulty conversing with one people to another because I could barely understand but thankfully, it all ended today! Because this morning, I went to the doctor and got my ear "cleaned up" and guess what? It really has several *toooot~* (Sorry for those who are sensitive). You might think I neglect on cleaning my ears -- not really. I often clean it with cotton buds -- but that is the problem. My big sis used to say in the post to avoid using cotton buds because it pushes your ear waxes further in the inner part of your ears *and I didn't listen to her and this is the consequence*

*Erases that routine* I'll improvise my ear cleaning method from now on. *glomps*

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