Wednesday, November 19, 2008


sentiment: killed (?) *uwaah!*
harmony: "KILL" by MELL

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I have to admit, these songs really gave me a hard time a long time ago and it's really hard to explain on how did I got these songs... First, I looked for the PV (but not really successful) but instead I found a "video" with a static picture of KILL's single cover but the two songs are already there. I ripped "On my own" because KILL gave me a hard time on the fading out part so I just ripped the one in the barks TV and managed to watch the full PV as well.

Well, I have to *ehem* admit that my perspective about the song changed a bit when I heard the full version because I was disappointed when I heard the preview. It lacks the power to kill. XD I mean it's like, watching a bloody horror anime and yet, you were not satisfied because it needs more blood. XD

Well, I'm liking it somehow but "On my own" is kinda bland, if you ask me. I know I like "The first finale in me" but can Tomoyuki Nakazawa stop composing ballads for MELL? I'm already sick of it. (_ _;) Can you make it more powerful and rock ballad for us? It's boring you know! Not to mention, "The first finale in me" and "On my own" shares the same length. *ouch* They're like the shitty twins. -___-

I'm going to make a review after a week when I already know the first-week sales and it's peak position in the Oricon weekly since it's already my protocol ever since this 2008. And speaking of Oricon, "KILL" only managed to garner the #16 today at the daily charts. Rather low, no? PSI-missing was more of a strong.

And lastly, speaking of PSI-missing, it's still in the top 50+ charts...

1st week - #14 - 9,623 copies sold
2nd week - #39 - 2,927 copies sold

2 weeks sales = 12,550 copies

I don't know it's position in the Oricon weekly this week but according to my sources, PSI-missing is still lurking in the #45 position so probably, it'll be still in the #50+ or #60+ this week. Be strong, PSI-missing!! >,<

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