Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Acckkk! Can This Be True??!

sentiment: nervous *cold sweat*
: "Marumelo" by eufonius

*gasps* Just as when I heard early in the morning television sitcom of this disease, I got curious but didn't have the time to listen and take a seat because I'll be late for my first class (Well, even if I didn't, I still came late ~\(_ _;)/~ ) And yeah even if I'm not really sure if this is really it, 70% of the statements are true according to my research just a minute ago!!! O__O;;

(Bold-style statements indicates that it happens to me lately. Information courtesy of http://www.webmd.com/ )

Dysthymia, sometimes referred to as chronic depression, is a less severe form of depression. With dysthymia, the depression symptoms can linger for a long period of time, perhaps two years or longer. Those who suffer from dysthymia are usually able to function adequately but might seem consistently unhappy.

Experts are not sure what causes dysthymia. This form of chronic depression is thought to be related to brain changes that involve serotonin, a chemical or neurotransmitter that aids your brain in coping with emotions. Major life stressors, chronic illness, medications, and relationship or work problems may also increase the chances of dysthymia.

Sign and symptoms? Take a look.

- Persistent sad or empty feeling
- Difficulty sleeping (sleeping too much or too little)
- Insomnia (early morning awakening)
- Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness
- Feelings of guilt
- Loss of interest or the ability to enjoy oneself
- Loss of energy or fatigue
- Difficulty concentrating, thinking or making decisions
- Changes in appetite (overeating or loss of appetite)
- Observable mental and physical sluggishness
- Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment
- Thoughts of death or suicide

Right... I once experienced the uninspiration and dull feeling (specifically in October which is the very reason that I was in hiatus). But right now, I'm feeling this depression and pessimism so that I'll be back into my old self again. Wish me luck guys. x__X

I really need no counselling and other related whatsoevers but I'm really in dire of great support and inspiration so that I can erase this chronic ddepression out of my whole body but I'm going to tell you it's not going to be any easy just like passing through Warp Zone 1 at the Super Mario Brothers game. D: I swear, it's much more difficult than Warp Zone 8. (_ _;) But I'm doing the best that I can to entirely wipe off this illness.

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