Sunday, December 21, 2008

Greater than ever!

sentiment: happy of course!
harmony: "Yakusoku" by Lia

Yay! I really enjoyed this day even though I have to endure the long journey but really, it was worth it. xD I just wanna thank those people who celebrated with me on my most special day of the year -- my birthday of course. xD Natsumi-chan, Mana-chan, Hangman and Shaoran, thanks a lot!! This day won't be very enjoyable without you, guys! Luv ya ol <3

Although last year we ate at Yellow Cab, we didn't today because my wallet's gonna get holes. :P Unlike if we eat at Greenwich, I'll be able to save almost twice the expense and still we enjoyed the meal somehow.

And unlike last year, we just ate, walk around and have our group pic (since we already met @ 3:30pm at that time) but this time, we ate first then went straight to the karaoke and sang to our heart's content then went to the studio to have our group pic (I haven't scanned the group pic but soon! xD). Well I just wanted something different that's why I insisted them on going to the karaoke. XD Hope next time it'll be an outing, an overnight one. =P Nyahurrhurr, that'll come in the future when we have our own work... and money, of course. =D

Well even if our celebration was kinda short for me (um, wait, the time's always fast when I'm with them! XD), I still enjoyed it and really had lots and lots of fun! PLUS, these four people gave me otanjoubi presents. =3 (see birthday celebration with friends album) Thanks again, I love them!!

And for now, I'm kinda worn-out because of the long journey and singing some perky J-songs (courtesy of me w/ the instrumentals while Hangman for his laptop) so I'm going to rest up since I still have a party to attend to later. =3 Yay another J-song/anime singing event. XD

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