Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Before I go to slumber...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my friends in Multiply and Blogger!!! (^o^) Hope we'll all have a memorable and sick-free Christmas. <3

I didn't went out of our house and celebrate with the plastics since it's Christmas... I don't want to add up more sins. :P But I did enjoy making a new layout for my multiply although it's too reddish for me... XD

And another layout for both my Mami Kawada fanlisting and fansite... >=3 Although it look a bit simple, it took me almost 3 days to make these since I didn't have much creativity and bright ideas inside my hypothalamus. XD |D;;

And it's already 4:00 am, I already need to sleep because we'll go to our uncle's house later to celebrate Christmas. Jaa, oyasumi nasai! *goes off to bed*

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