Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ryoga all the way to Marikina!

sentiment: happy
harmony: "Mata Ashita ne" by Sachi Tainaka

Today, me and my friend Issa went to Marikina to pick her clothes for her costrip in the upcoming UP Ame, a cosplay event that is celebrated annually at the University of the Philippines. Well that because she asked me to go with her and she shouldered all of my expenses on the trip! Wow, how generous of her. XD Although she won't be able to read this one, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BRICKED HYPOTHALAMUS!!! *bricked once again*

Well she's from Cavite and I'm from Muntinlupa City and we decided to meet at the Star Mall which is a bit nearer from my house (than hers). And as you can see the map above, you'll see the dashed lines there, you'll notice Marikina is at the northeastern part of National Capital Region and both our location were way down south so it's been a real long day for us but we enjoyed the trip (since it's my first time going there as well).

It's really strenuous to go to Marikina because we have to ride the bus, then at certain point, take the train, then enter a mall that will lead you to another near train station (actually it's actually far by foot! |D;;) then you'll ride a jeepney. *Whew* it's really far away and I can't really explain how I become dumbfounded at the surroundings since it's really my first time going at that city.

We departed from Star Mall at 11:30am and we managed to arrive at our destination at 2:15pm because we still had lunch and include the times we got lost at the Marikina Public Market! |D;; And so our Ryoga team has yet another member! :)) Even after we got the costume, we still had the trouble of getting out of the place. *lol'd* I guess it's already in our genes to get lost in such places. XD

I managed to arrive home at 7:00pm because there's still heavy traffic (both people and vehicular traffic, I mean! |D;;) along the way (although we started on our way on home at 4:15pm! D:). It's been a while since we were together and while on the way, we talked about a lot of things varying from anime talks to personal (and even confidential) talks and somehow, it's a good thing, we were never bored at each other. XD

And we're still going to see each other at Saturday since we're going to attend the UP Ame. =D

*Whew* I was really tired from the journey that's why after 1 hour, I got my forty winks at an instant. |D;; Well who wouldn't be able to sleep when you had only almost 4 hours of sleep and a very long and strenuous day ahead? Any insomniacs like me will be K.O'd at times like this. I hope it stays that way since I have to adjust for my schedule this second semester. I have an 8:00am class during Tuesdays and Thursdays! Oooh, the deception!! T___T

*looks at the clock* Looks like I'll have to sleep since it's already midnight. And so the very long day ends here. :DD


  1. WOW~! That's what I call a LONG WAY to go. SHe shouldered all your expenses??? WOW~!

    It must be a kewl to have a work right? WEEEEEH..

  2. yeah you said it!! having a work can be very convenient since you can earn your own money and you can spend it the way you like. Speaking of which, I wanna have a work so I can afford the expenses for my cosplay plans. ><