Wednesday, November 12, 2008


sentiment: fine
harmony: "Camellia" by Hitomi Shimatani

Well more of a reflection on my music preference/s and a little RL since it really happened to me. Still listening to it right now evading a little from my addiction on I've Sound. Hearing Camellia makes me remind of some things and memories. xD

Yes, before I got myself and become not just an I've enthusiast but an official I've addict, I like Hitomi Shimatani, Hitomi Takahashi and some other J-pop artists. I don't know but when I got into I've, it looks like all the loops in the maze became straight -- I mean, their music is really something which made me loyal to them. I think they're the greatest stuff that happened into my little J-pop life. :D

And as I was saying before, I was addicted to Hitomi Shimatani before, but really, not right now. I don't mean that she's a good-turned-bad artists or whatsoever but I don't know my passion for her vanished but nonetheless, I still like her songs because I collected almost 70% of her discography. And I must say, her recent releases lacked some sort of "snap" into me, I mean there's nothing special on her recent releases but I really liked her past works. ^_=

And right at this moment, even if others say I've Sound music is also deteriorating, I can't seem to agree much (but sometimes I agree as much as I want) since they're all smooth and gentle to the ears. =D Can't explain it but it has that same kind of effect on me. xD Just like my recent fave PSI-missing. No matter how uncreative is the piano riffs on the song, it felt right to me because if it will be done in another way, it'll also suck in another way or two.

And up until now, listening to good ol' JET BOY JET GIRL by Hitomi Takahashi which has been one of my faves from her. :D

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