Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Pre-winter Menstrual-like Syndrome

sentiment: somehow cooling down
harmony: "portamento" by Mami Kawada

Oh yeah, it has been a very long LONG day for a school enrollment and what did I benefit from it? Nothing, really. D: I almost got myself a heat stroke from the extreme hot weather, I wasn't able to pay my tuition fee because of the over long line in the Departmental Office (they couldn't get any shitty with the enrollment system. DD: I spend the whole time standing in front of the DO just to get that dipshit subjects and assessment form), and looks like my very own effort to keep in touch (with other people) was not very much appreciated, and like whatever, Fred you're such a loser. |D;; It's a bit long story -- I just didn't waste my effort --- my time, and my money! o__O;;

Really I've had enough one day of ranting these adversities. OoOoh how I wish I could just dissolve myself and get the hell outta here. I'm sick of this, really but what's worse, I can't express what I felt at that time (to those people) because my tongue and conscious won't really let me but the inner DEVIL side really wants to release its trident and kill those people. They just fucked off my day. =c

And just when I arrived at home, I was able to shout at dearest Eunice who will celebrate her birthday today. Ah imouto-chan, gomen ne. I wasn't able to pull back my tongue because of this madness. |D;; It felt like I had a PMS. =O And I was able to answer my oka-san with a bit rudeness because of this. Gyaah~ *headdesks* Hontou ni gomen nasai, minna-san!! T~T My day's just very fucking ugly and wasted.

But right now, I cooled down a bit somehow. I hope I won't feel the same when I wake up later to pay for that shitty tuition fee. ~_~ *feels ashamed*


  1. LOL: have a cup of coffee and cool yourself down kapatid~! Having a bad day is a big pain in the ass right? hehe...

    waaah... I have my teeth examine today for braces... I'm quite scared to it... XD

  2. ahh don't be kapatid! Besides, having braces in your teeth is kewl~! ;3

    yeah you said it, it's really SNMBSJHVDHW fucking pain in the arse. ><