Thursday, October 30, 2008

PSI-missing debuts at #13

sentiment: contented
harmony: "Ame" by Mami Kawada

Well, the title says itself... Not really very high for a debut but not bad... I hope it still moves further in the next few days. I'm hunching it's Oricon weekly won't drop to #15 if it continues like this, that is, if it won't drop out of Oricon daily top 30. *surely prays that it happens* XD

It would be better if the single will be either #11 (same as Hishoku no Sora single) or #10 (dropping one position than her successful JOINT single) but either way, it won't be bad if it will position itself on #15 as long as its sales are high (I mean higher than 10,000 copies), I'll be more than happy if that will occur next week!

And yeah, here's a low-resolution PV of PSI-missing. *adores & loves the PV*

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