Thursday, October 30, 2008

PSI-missing goes up to #11!

sentiment: excited!!!
harmony: "Kaze no Kirin" by Hitomi Takahashi

YEAH!! You read it right!! Unexpectedly, PSI-missing goes up two positions and made it to #11 tonight!! Yes, folks this is really is it!!! XDDDD;; *gets shot*

I like the instrumental version of PSI-missing. The song has such nice synths that it made me repeat it all the way I want it! Way to go Nakazawa Tomoyuki-sama!! *HAILS JOO* XD

Looks like the single will do just fine. Hope it will sky-rocket to #1! Well I shouldn't be daydreaming of the impossible. But maybe at least it will enter the top 10. :D

MELLSCOPE didn't do any much good in the Oricon daily but still peaked the #13 position (except the fact that it debuted at #4 in the daily charts) in the weekly so hoping that PSI-missing will do much greater, nee? And since the failure of master groove circle, I've should produce more quality-wise singles such as this one.

Oh and speaking of MELLSCOPE, I just remembered I haven't posted the video of her SCOPE. in my mutiply. So here is low resolution video.

The song is great but the PV is uber boring. -o-;

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