Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm finally back! XD

sentiment: all hyped up! XD
harmony: "PSI-missing" by Mami Kawada

Wow, surely took me awhile since I got back to blogging RL stuffs here. Well not totally RL but at least, I updated here in my blog that I'm still alive and kickin' after all those inspiration loss and dull moments. But yeah, it's still here but it's about time to blog and blog and BLOG again! xD Life goes on and here I come again! *swishes*

And what's another "surely" is that Mami Kawada's latest single really had me on the going!!! I like love PSI-missing! Getting addicted with it! My is the proof! =D The PV gave me a hard time for it to download. Jsharer surely sucks when it comes to download server. *grumbles* Plus my DSL's upload power is rather weak compared to it's speedy download power. But still, it would be better if they are equal. Alas, it took me almost 3 hours just to upload a 44.4MB video?! O_O You're kidding me!! -___-

But it's worth the wait. Although I wasn't able to upload the PV on my YouTube account (Gyaaah~ YouTube you failed me for the nth time!!! T____T same as you me DSL!), I still uploaded it to my multiply account and included the Direct Link URL for download. XD

I'm going to make a review for PSI-missing in the next few days and as usual, I'll update the Oricon daily chart positions! ;)

And speaking of Mami Kawada, my fanlisting for her already reached 25 members!!! *jumps for joy* and of course, I already included the awards in the main page! Gyahaha! =D

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