Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meme-ness. xD

sentiment: bored
harmony: "WORD OF THE VOICE" by FLOW

Tagged by imouto-Stellar. ^_^

A. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs. Tag 8 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse.
B. These 8 people must state who they were tagged by. You cannot tag the person who tagged you. Continue this game by sending this to 8 other people.
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1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
-- angry... and of course, hurt.

2. Who will you choose, the person who loves you or the person you love?
-- Both, if ever. But if both are not achievable, I could go for the person who loves me.

3. What's your take on same-sex marriages?
-- It can't be helped if two persons of the same gender fell in love with each other but I'm not approved with the same-sex marriage. It's just doesn't look right for me.

4.Are you inlove?
-- right now, I'm not... But I engage myself with J-music. I love them to pieces!!! XD

5. What's your ideal lover like?
-- someone who can fully accept who I really am despite of my appearance, mannerisms etc.

6. loving someone or being loved by someone else?
-- being loved by someone else.

7. If the person you like does not accept you, would you continue to wait for them to change their feelings?
-- no, I don't like forcing anyone if they don't like me.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
-- ignore them.

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy recently?
-- nothing recently.

10. What do you want most in life?
-- I want to see my best friends and continue my path as an anime & J-pop otaku. ^___^

11. Is being tagged fun?
-- but of course!

12. Name people you cannot live without?
-- too many... my best friends (including my web friends) and family.

13. Who is currently the most important person to you?
-- same as above.

14. What kind of person do you think to the person who tagged you?
-- a caring person, maybe. xD

15. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
-- of course, single and rich! XP

16. If the person you secretly like cannot recognize you anymore, what would you do/how would you react?
-- ok. time to ignore them. XP

17. Would you give your all in a relationship?
-- not 100%. 60-40.

18. If you fall in love with two persons simultaneously, who would you pick?
-- not applicable to me. XD

19. What type of friends do you like?
-- real friends, the one who really knows, understands and accepts me for who I am.

20. If you played a prank on someone, and he/she fell for the trick, what would you do?
-- I don't play pranks... X3

Whom I will tag? Joie-C, Cattleya, Urumi, Dyei, Judith. (Sorry if it's only 5, can't think of someone else who would do this meme... :o)

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