Sunday, July 13, 2008

From the Makers of \'Crazy Fat Ethyl\'

sentiment: still lol'd out + laughing
harmony: "Bitter & Sweet" by RYTHEM (next "Kameleon Kamen" by RYTHEM)

I've been a loyal reader of Nicole-chan's blog since she transferred to WordPress but it was cut when my PC crushed and all! I didn't have much time to blog hop... I missed reading everyone's blog especially Nicole's because it never failed to make me smile/laugh and sometimes give me a taste of something I've never tasted before. I may never reply at some of her posts (because I feel out of place at times because I haven't feel or experience what she had) but nonetheless I still have a spoonful when I have the time. Haha! Especially on this one! Got this one from her! I actually forgot to take this one last week because I was busy with some of my friends... And so here it is... xD

What will the movie of your life be called?

I was kinda intrigued because all of Nicole's result was very hilarious... xD I figured out it will bring joy in my blog too. xD And so TAKE 1!!

Urrghhh... Such a pathetic title if you ask me. I wouldn't have been there because even if I will be considered a "definitive hero", I would be blown to smithereens just by going there! I don't have the balls to die out like an ash. x__x That would definitely hurt, I don't want to imagine. XD

And so here's TAKE 2!!

Wow this is really sssmmookin'!! My name fits the title... because it's literally a fictional name... just an alias. xD I wasn't too comfortable with the underscore in my alias though so I tried for the 3rd time without the underscore so that my surname would be Itachi (which would be real impossible in reality. xD).!

Wow this one's the funniest. xD Although I don't have the foggiest idea who is this Crazy Fat Ethyl. XDD Or is this telling me that I'm going to be a stout man in the future? That's totally a no-no!! I don't want to end up like that! I'd rather be very thin for the rest of my life rather than be an obese!! Sheesh, it won't really help at all!


  1. hahaha!! I like all the movie-title especially the "FRED_ITACHI: from the makers of Crazy fat ethyl"


    I wonder what would mine be look like?! hehehe..

  2. Why don't you try? :) Yeah, the third one's funny. Haha that's the most funniest one, actually. xD