Sunday, July 13, 2008

Karaoke mode! With YUKA of RYTHEM (as if!)

sentiment: LOL'd
harmony: "Natsu Mero" by RYTHEM

Don't be fooled with the title~! ;) It didn't really happened in reality. :P It just happened with Audacity and mp3! Because I finally found a minus YUI version of their latest released single Kubisuji Line!! And it was so hard to find because all of my sources failed me!!! O.O They all had the limited version of the single (which only had the Nekoze (acoustic) on it) and at long last, I finally ditched a minus YUI and minus YUKA version of the song!! *me lurrvvzz karaoke* So I decided to give it a try but I used the minus YUI because SRSLY, I can't do what YUKA can do --- her amazing second voice! That was my weakest point, lol so I goaled for minus YUI so that I can have a duet with YUKA!! Although in a song rendition method only but at least, I had the experience!! XP That's what matters right now!!

And take note I tried the minus YUKA version awhile ago and I just *cough cough* it out... XD *shot* Yes, I really have an uncute voice plus I'm not gifted with the second voice! =__=

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And here if you want to listen to my duet with YUKA, listen at your own risk!!! XP Well, it's just for fun right? So nothing to lose!!! xD Go get the opportunity when you have it! *me isshh an opportunist person* LOL! XD


  1. wowww you found the Kubisuji line with the Yui and Yuka solos?

    would you mind sending it to me, since I could only find the other version. thanks!

    I haven't talked to you in a while~ how's everything going?

  2. I'm fine! yeah I haven't heard from you for a while now! :D Ok do you want me to send you the acoustic version of Kubisuji Line too? ^___^ Those 3 (including the YUI and YUKA solos) are really hard to find since you can easily find the single version with the Aishikata and Nekoze (acoustic)...

  3. Nice one kapatid~! It really look like you're singing with her~! Nice

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