Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bitter... and Sweet

sentiment: pulped out
harmony: "We Survive" by Kotoko

*whew* At last, the day was already finished!!! I can't take this day already... I'm disgusted, frustrated, tired and all!! =__= What a day!! We didn't even have class (for goodness sake). Yes, the professor is there but all we did is just surfing the net and absolutely nothing because they're installing some programs for the future lessons... And it scoped all 3 hours! Which is a waste, really. Plus, the computer laboratory was so friggin' cold. I swear I could already have a taste of Tundra for about 3/4 of the period! Two big air conditioner and it was both set into 15 degrees! WTF!! I could still withstand hot weather but not cold weather/temperature! o__O

Plus there was this idiotic freak student who was rapping by himself which really activated my loath for hip-hop & raps!! At first it was still tolerable because it was still minimal... Not until he went to my neighbor PC and searched for the lyrics of the song his listening!! AAARRRRGGHHHHH!!! I swear I could punched that guy because I really hate rap!! What's worse, I didn't have my mp3 player for defense mechanism purpose!!! DD: I swear if you're in my shoes awhile ago you could swing your axe and behead that guy!!! UUUGGHHH!!! I hate him!

After that, we just went to the mall and did some usual "confessions" since we have other companions and blah blah... And as usual, I could almost puked out as they smoke their cigarettes... Eww... I should take care of my lungs or I'll die before they do... -___- And the biggest mistake that I did for today! I went with them for road tripping --- to Mall of Asia which up to now, I don't know why I went with them... I just ended up real exhausted...

All bitterness in the world also have little sweetness... So what is this sweetness? Just after they drop me off, I rode a jeepney to reach Soldiers' Hills, my home village. I paid (exactly) PhP8.00 for the jeepney fare but you know what happened? Since they didn't know I'm from Soldiers' Hills, they decided to return the PhP8.00 that I paid because they will already go home and they won't be able to drop me off my destination. I didn't have the effort to speak up because we're already in front of SH!! XDD So like, I got a free ride to my village... =P It got me laughing when I reached the tricycle terminal... =D What a blessing in disguise... XDD

And now, I end the bitter... yet a little sweet story of July 5, 2008. =D


  1. Kapatid! Musta na?! Weeeehh nabuhay na ulet ang Sweet Serenity! :D

    Rap? I hate rap too! lalo na ung mga sobra na.. haytz nakow...may mga tao tlga na ganyan! minsan hindi mo tlga maiiwasan. Paxenxa lang kailangan.

    Well para sakin mas okay ng kaunti ung malamig diba? Kaze ung classroom namin sira ung Aircon.. wholeday ka magtitiis sa init. Lalo na pag may BO pa ung katabi mo.

  2. Ok lang ako kapatid... ^^,

    well i did extended my patience for the sake of peace. ;)

    well it's still fine if it's cold but not VERY cold. Sinipon kaya ako paglabas ko ng classroom sa sobrang lamig. ><