Saturday, July 05, 2008

Another Fanlisting TFL-approved!

sentiment: but of course happy!
harmony: "oblivion" by Kotoko

Ahh yes although this update was already late (for 3 days in exact), my Kotoko fanlisting got approved by the TFL!! Yosh, I already have 2 and I'm already thinking what would be my 3rd fanlisting... I'm thinking if I'll apply a Sachi Tainaka fanlisting?? The one that I joined got busted plus it wasn't TFL-approved... Oh well, gotta think of others...

My imouto, Eunice once told me, make a MELL fanlisting (since it was her favorite I've girl)!! Then I told her, "Yeah yeah then after that I'll make an Eiko Shimamiya and Kaori Utatsuki then next the whole I've Sound? Am I correct?"

Then she thought for a while and said, "It's up to you..."

Yes the whole decision process is still in my hands but I'm still thinking about it though... Until the time comes, I'll make each for them. But for now, my Mami Kawada and Kotoko fanlisting are open and everyone (who idolizes both of them) can join. ^_^

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